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Houston Termite Control

Houston Termite ControlThe hot, humid climate and short winters in Houston mean that termites can stay active for much longer than almost anywhere else in the country. And when termites are active, they need to eat to keep themselves going.

Termites eat wood. And with Houston being filled with lots of lovely wood-framed and wood-sided houses, it's like we've invited all the termites out to dinner and they want to stick us with the check.

Bulls Eye Pest Control offers Houston homeowners and businesses complete termite inspection, identification, prevention, and extermination services to help prevent damage and protect your investment.

Can I treat my own home against termites?

It’s really a job best left to the professionals. Not only is termite control a specialized skill requiring extensive knowledge and experience, but you must also be licensed to legally obtain and use many of the most effective termite treatments.

Only a qualified termite control professional will have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to effectively protect your home from termites.

What options do I have for termite control?

Plenty. Bulls Eye Pest control can develop a customized home treatment plan. Whether you need a one-time treatment to remove a termite infestation, or an ongoing defense against termite invasion, Bulls Eye has a termite control solution that will work for you.

Bulls Eye doesn’t take a one-sized fits all approach. We recognize that each home and each situation is different. When we put together a custom termite protection plan for you, we will inspect your home, assess the situation, and create a custom treatment plan that is effective and affordable.

We eradicate termites and make sure they don't come back. Bulls Eye Pest & Termite Control experts use the best methods to quickly and safely protect your home from termite damage. Our options include:


TermidorBulls Eye Pest and Termite are licensed providers of Termidor, America’s #1 Termite defense product.

Termidor is a professionally applied termite defense product that is clinically proven to be the most powerful, longest lasting termite treatment on the market, and it is undetectable to drywood and subterranean termites.

Termidor has been repeatedly proven to be a safe and effective treatment against termites in Houston.

Liquid Barrier Termite Control

A fast-acting process that begins with targeted liquid treatments in and around your home’s foundation. The treatment works quickly, killing exposed termites in their tracks, and continues to work until the entire colony is destroyed.

Termite Baiting Treatment

A strategic approach, bait stations are carefully positioned near likely termite feeding sites. Bait stations are filled with treated cellulose, an irresistible treat to a hungry termite. As termites eat the bait, the termites are poisoned and the population is reduced, and over time, the entire colony is destroyed. We keep an eye on the entire process, monitoring how much bait is being eaten and monitoring your property for new or continued termite activity.

Termiticide Foam Injection

This foam coats the interior of the walls and kills termites in pipe and plumbing penetrations, wall voids, and other hard to reach places.

Complete Termite Control

We can take care of termite infestations anywhere in Houston. Bulls Eye Pest and Termite Control is fully licensed and can provide the most effective termite control solutions for your home or business. If you have a problem with termites, give us a call at 713-222-PEST.

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