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Houston Termite Control

Houston Termite Control

Termites are the most economically damaging pest in Houston. Termites can literally eat away your investment in your property. Houston is also one of the most active areas in America for termites. The hot, humid climate and short winters in Houston mean that termites can stay active for much longer than almost anywhere else in the country, giving them more opportunity to spread, to multiply, and to consume. Regular, reliable, and effective termite control services are essential for any Houston homeowner.

Termites eat wood. They will consume the wood in homes, including wood framing, which can cause significant structural damage. The first signs that many people see of a termite infestation are seeing small, black bugs swarming around their home, or finding piles of discarded wings lying around the house. These are signs that there is an active termite infestation in your home, and a sign you should call a termite control professional immediately before they do significant damage.

But you don't need to wait until they begin chewing to act. We offer effective termite control prevention options that can keep these destructive insects from ever entering your home.

Whatever you need, whether it's termite inspection, termite prevention, or termite extermination, Bulls Eye has the right solution for your home or business.

Those Black Bugs Flying Around Your House Could Be Trouble

Discarded termite wings photographed in Houston

Termites swarm in the early spring when the weather begins to warm up. They emerge from their underground nests looking for new sources of food, which means looking for more wood to chew on. Once they have found a new source of food, they shed their wings and burrow back underground. Seeing small black bugs swarming inside or around your home, or finding piles of discarded insect wings, may be the first signs you have that termites are in your home.

Soft, chewed, and damaged wood, or dark stains resembling water damage on wood or drywall, are also signs that there may be termites in your home.

Some species of subterranean termites will also build thin tubes out of earth and mud, stretching up from beneath the ground to join with above-ground structures. These mud tubes are how termites travel from their nests up to sources of food. If you see these mud tubes, it's almost certain you have a termite problem.

If you see any of these signs, it's a good idea to call a termite control professional. Termites can easily do thousands of dollars of structural damage to a building. Termite treatment is also a job for the professionals. Not only is termite control a specialized skill requiring extensive knowledge and experience, but you must also be licensed to legally obtain and use many of the most effective termite treatments.

Only a qualified termite control professional will have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary to effectively protect your home from termites.

What options do I have for termite control?

Bulls Eye Pest and Termite offers you a variety of treatment and prevention options. We will work with you to develop a customized home treatment plan. Whether you need a one-time treatment to remove a termite infestation, or an ongoing defense against termite invasion, Bulls Eye has a termite control solution that will safely and effectively meet your needs.

Bulls Eye doesn’t take a one-sized fits all approach. We recognize that each home and each situation is different. When we put together a custom termite protection plan for you, we inspect your home, assess the situation, and create an effective, affordable termite treatment plan that meets your needs.

We eradicate termites and make sure they don't come back. Our technicians are experts termite exterminators, and we use the best methods to quickly and safely protect your home from termite damage. Our options include:

We Use Termidor


Bulls Eye Pest and Termite are licensed providers of Termidor, America’s #1 Termite defense product.

Termidor is a professionally applied termite defense product that is clinically proven to be the most powerful, longest lasting termite treatment on the market.

Termidor is also completely undetectable to subterranean termites, so they never know what hit them.

Termidor has been repeatedly proven to be a safe and effective treatment against termites in Houston.

Liquid Barrier Termite Control

Liquid barrier termite control is a fast-acting treatment consisting of targeted liquid treatments in and around your home’s foundation. The treatment works quickly, killing termites who come into contact with it in their tracks, and continues to work until the entire colony is destroyed.

Termiticide Foam Injection

Termiticide foam injection is a foam that is sprayed into normally inaccessible places by a technician. This foam coats the interior of the walls to kill termites where they have entered a home around pipes and plumbing, in wall voids, and other hard to reach places.

Complete Termite Control, Anywhere in Houston

We can take care of termite infestations anywhere in Houston. Bulls Eye Pest and Termite Control is fully licensed and can provide the most effective termite control solutions for your home or business. If you have a problem with termites, give us a call at 713-222-PEST (7378) and we'll be happy to solve your termite problem for you.

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