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Houston Rodent Control

Rodents are one of Houston’s biggest pest problems. Rats and mice cause a significant amount of property damage to Houston homes and businesses every year. Houston is a densely-packed city, and with Houston's loose zoning you'll often find restaurants and stores right beside houses and apartments. This density means it's easy for rats and mice to find food from dumpsters and trash cans in the alleys and then scurry over into your neighborhood.

These rodents can creep in and gnaw away at your woodwork, your insulation, and even your electrical cables. Rats and mice can also trigger asthma and can potentially carry a number of unpleasant diseases.

If you have a rodent problem, Bulls Eye can help.

Rat and Mouse Control

Bulls Eye offers safe, effective rat and mouse control solutions. We can get rid of rodents inside of and around your home. Rodent infestations are unpleasant and dangerous. Rodents will gnaw away at the insides of your home, shredding insulation, gnawing through wood and drywall, and even biting through electrical cables. Mice and rats can tear through an entire pantry, nibbling away your food.

In addition to significant property damage, rats and mice can also spread dangerous diseases, including Hantavirus, Salmonella, Lyme disease, and Leptospirosis. They are also prodigious poopers. Rats and mice will produce feces almost every time they stand still, feces that still carries disease even after the rodents have gone. Their foul-smelling urine can destroy most anything they spray it on. Rats and mice also carry fleas, which can lead to a secondary pest infestation.

Rats and mice should be taken seriously. If you see signs of rats or mice in your home, give Bulls Eye a call.

Signs of Rodents in your Home

Do you think you might have a rodent problem? Here are some of the key signs that can let you know if you have rats or mice on your home:

  • Scratching Sounds coming from the walls or ceiling
  • Seeing rodent droppings
  • Gnawed food packages
  • Small toothmarks on walls, furniture, or other property
  • Strong urine smell
  • Electrical systems disrupted or not working

Call A Rodent Control Professional

Houston Rat and Mouse Control

Using store-bought baits to kill rats and mice can create a nuisance for homeowners. Rat and mouse baits are poison which should be treated with extreme caution, and can be hazardous to use when there are pets or small children in the house.

Professional pest control is a better solution to dealing with a rodent problem. At Bulls Eye, our trained technicians know how to safely, cleanly, and effectively rid your home of rats and mice and make sure the problem stays gone.

We treat any kind of rodent, anywhere in the entire Greater Houston area. If you see a mouse or a rat in your home, or any signs of these rodents around the house, give Bulls Eye Pest and Termite Control at 713-222-PEST (7378) and we'll be happy to come out and see you. Wherever you are in Houston, whatever's bugging you, we'll be there.

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