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Houston Silverfish Control

Houston Silverfish ControlSilverfish are those scuttling, little bluish-silver bugs that you often find in bathrooms and other damp places in your home. Silverfish thrive on humidity, so of course there are a lot of them in Houston.

Silverfish may not seem like much of a problem at first. It's rare to see more than one silverfish at a time. They don't bite and they don't spread disease. But beyond just being unsettling to see these shiny bugs slithering through your bathroom at night, the real threat that silverfish pose is their voracious appetites. Silverfish come into your home to eat. And they are very, very hungry.

Silverfish eat starches, and there are a surprising number of starches that they find tasty lying around your home. Glue, plaster, paint, photos, book bindings, even hair, clothing, and carpet can make a tasty meal for a silverfish.

Silverfish have the unfortunate habit of eating their way through the stuff that we need every day or is important to us. Silverfish can eat their way through your memories by gnawing at photo albums. If you're a book lover, an infestation of silverfish is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Silverfish can destroy and entire library.

Signs of a Silverfish Infestation

When silverfish invade and start to eat, seeing the insects themselves can be difficult. Silverfish are nocturnal, and they can move incredibly swiftly. You may see one slithering away in the night when you turn on the light in the bathroom or the kitchen, but if you see one silverfish it's a sure sign that there are more of them around.

Silverfish can be detected by the tell-tale signs they leave. Small, irregular holes in the paper in books, in wallpaper, clothing and linens are all sure signs of a silverfish infestation. Frequently, these holes will be accompanied by dark, yellow stains.

Silverfish can enter homes through very small cracks, and they often come into a home by crawling along the pipes. Because they need a high-humidity environment to live in, silverfish will congregate in bathrooms, under kitchen sinks, or anywhere else that moisture collects.

Getting Rid of Silverfish

Getting rid of silverfish can be difficult, particularly in a humid environment like Houston. To reduce the chances of silverfish coming into your home:

  • Eliminate any standing water under sinks or in basements.
  • Make sure that books and clothes are kept dry and protected.
  • Seal flour, sugar, and other starchy foods in plastic containers.

But because Houston is a city drenched in humidity and a perfect breeding ground for silverfish, these destructive pests are everywhere. Getting them out of your home and keeping them out can be an ongoing challenge. Call Bulls Eye Pest and Termite Control at 713-222-PEST to keep silverfish out of your home.

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