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Houston Bee and Wasp Control

Houston Bee and Wasp ControlBees and wasps love Houston. The city environment gives them a tremendous amount to drink. Bees and Wasps feed off of sugar. A nearly empty cup of soda from Whataburger left on the sidewalk can become a hearty meal for a passing wasp. And Houston gives bees and wasps plenty of places to build nests. Roof overhangs, bridges, trees, porches, pretty much anywhere that's slightly sheltered can become a perfect place for wasps to build a nest.

There are many different types of stinging flying insects that live in Houston. Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, mud daubers, and other types of these pests all have painful and potentially dangerous stings. The stings from these black and yellow flying insects can be extremely painful, even lethal to people with allergies.

Bees, wasps and hornets may look alike at first glance, but these insects are different species with different habits, different ways of nesting and different levels of aggression. If you're troubled by stinging insects, give Bulls Eye Pest and Termite Control a call at 713-222-PEST.

We know the difference between the various types of flying stinging insects, and we know what the best treatments are for the kind of flying insect that’s bugging you. We're also experts at safely destroying wasps' nests.

Getting Rid of Nests

Stinging pests can make nests in trees, in the ground, in gardens, in bushes, under your eaves and window sills, and even inside your home. Trying to take these nests out yourself can be dangerous.

Most flying insects swarm aggressively if their nests are attacked and will defend their territory by bringing out their stingers. Some species of wasps have nests that can hold hundreds of individual insects. Even smaller wasps' nests will hole enough individual insects to make attempting to remove the nest yourself dangerous. And because many of the locations bees and wasps build their nests in are inaccessible, special equipment is often needed to get rid of the nest.

Get Rid of Bees and Wasps the Right Way

Bulls Eye Pest and Termite Control provides effective control and extermination services for bees, wasps, yellowjackets, or any other kind of stinging insect, anywhere in Houston. Bulls Eye will evaluate your stinging insect problem and come up with a suitable plan of attack based on the type of insect and the nature of the infestation. Our trained pest control experts are knowledgable and qualified to protect you and your family from stinging insects. Give Bulls Eye a call at 713-222-PEST.

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