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Houston Ant Control

Houston Ant ControlInside and outside, ants are everywhere in Houston. We have common species like sugar ants and grease ants that will raid your kitchen, but Houston is also home to a number of species that will build nests in your yard and that can sting and bite.

We all know about fire ants and how hard they are to get rid of, but new species like crazy ants are cropping up all the time.

Getting rid of ants can be difficult. Eliminating an ant colony usually means eliminating the queen. But to get to the queen, you have to locate the nest. And even then the queen can be buried deep under the ground.

Bulls Eye Pest and Termite control offers effective ant control solutions anywhere in Houston. We are skilled at locating nests and eliminating the source of the infestation. We also know the differences between the different ant species and which treatments will be effective against them. Some ants will respond to baits and traps, and some won't. Knowing which is which is important to effective ant control.

We can also offer effective barriers that will prevent ants from coming inside your home. If you have any kind of ant problem, anywhere in Houston, give Bulls Eye Pest and Termite a call at 713-222-PEST.

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