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How to tell if you have Cockroaches

If you live anywhere near Houston and are wondering if you have cockroaches you can usually just ask yourself one question - "do I live in a house, an apartment, or any other kind of closed dwelling?" and the answer is unfortunately most likely yes, you do have cockroaches in your home. These crawling, scuttling little bugs are ubiquitous, and the hot, humid client of Houston is an ideal breeding ground for them.

Cockroaches love damp, dark closed spaces. They enter homes in search of food and water, and can crawl in through tiny, tight cracks that humans might never even notice. Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures, they can and will eat almost anything, and any tiny scrap of food left on the counter or kitchen floor, or any drop of water left in the sink is enough to draw roaches into your home.

The easiest ways to tell at a glance if you have roaches are:

Seeing Roaches

Unlike other kinds of insects, roaches are clearly and easily visible to the naked eye. If you go in to your kitchen at night and turn on the light and you see little brown insects scurrying to hide themselves behind the refrigerator or under the counter, you have roaches. If you see a dead roach on the floor, the chances are that there are more plenty more living roaches hidden in the cracks in your walls. Roaches can reproduce remarkably fast, and a single cockroach mother can have up to 300,000 grandchildren. So if you see one roach, it's best to act quickly before they become an infestation.

Seeing Roach Droppings

Cockroach droppings resemble little specks of black dirt or pepper, and often accumulate in cracks and crevices. If you see a thin speckling of little dark brown or black dots in corners or by the joints in your kitchen counter, it's a good sign that you have roaches.

When you see signs of cockroaches, the best thing to do to avoid infestation is to call a professional exterminator.

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